Air quality testing is the process of verifying the Indoor Air Quality of the home. The quality of the air inside the home has a direct impact on the occupant’s health and wellbeing (sometimes referred to as Sick Building Syndrome). Many tests are done to determine air quality in a structure.

  • Air sampling
  • Paint chip samples
  • Asbestos chip samples
  • Ventilation assessments
  • Special parameters ( volatile organic compounds, particulates, lighting, noise, and ergonomics)

Lead Paint- Lead-based paint was commonly used in homes built before 1980. Since then, scientists have found that even low levels of exposure to lead can be harmful to pregnant women and  children’s health and development. Removing or disturbing paint as part of a renovation project may expose you and your family to lead. Before you begin renovations, consider an air quality inspection and paint chip sampling to minimize the health risks to you and your family.

Chinese Drywall- emits toxic hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and other gases. It is believed that humidity in the air causes the sulphur in the drywall to off-gas, or migrate into the indoor air. This creates a noxious odour, and can result in serious health conditions and illnesses, such as breathing problems, eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, sore throat, bloody nose, and headaches. It is estimated that as little as three sheets of Chinese drywall can contaminate a home and make it uninhabitable. If you have a rotten egg smell and or you notice metal objects in the home turning black, call YEG Inspections to take an air quality sample as soon as possible.

Some of the air pollutants YEG inspection tests for are asbestos, radon, lead paint, and Chinese drywall.

Asbestos Testing - Asbestos is a  well-known hazardous material regulated by the federal government. Asbestos fibers have been directly connected to cancers of the lung and other respiratory illnesses that can be easily prevented it detected early enough.  Alberta Occupational Health and Safety has a  policy for mitigating the risks associated with asbestos contamination and now is the ideal time to get your air quality tested.  Vermiculate, ceiling tiles, ductwork seals, drywall tape, flooring tiles, are all known to contain dangerous levels of asbestos. Call YEG inspections and let our experienced inspectors handle your private or commercial asbestos testing.

Certified Professional Radon Inspector
Radon Testing- What is Radon? And why should I be concerned? Radon is an odorless, tasteless, colorless, radioactive gas that is produced from radioactive breakdown of uranium in the soil near your home.  Once airborne, radon gas and its by-products can be inhaled into the respiratory system where these particles break down even further, releasing small bursts of radioactive energy (called alpha particles). These alpha particles are absorbed by lung tissues damaging them leading to  an increased risk of developing lung cancer. If you suspect radon in your home call YEG inspections. to start an air quality testing of your home. Once samples are analyzed by accredited 3rd party labs, YEG inspections will deliver the report to the customer in person or email . Lab results are explained and any remediation and or preventive measures are recommended.